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FOLLIPLUS EXTRA 60Caps For Hair Loss

Product code: 7221
FOLLIPLUS EXTRA 60Caps For Hair Loss

The hair loss and baldness employing 70% of men and 40% of women, especially after menopause.
The comprehensive product range Folliplus Extra (Caps, Tincture, Shampoo), is the only solution for all types of hair loss in women and men.
The systematic improvement and contribution to the natural growth of hair, without side effects.
The active ingredients of products Folliplus Extra remain without chemical plant operations until the completion of the production process, which makes them perfectly safe and effective.
The unique products Folliplus Extra have all the necessary components to regulate effectively the causes of baldness.
a) locally regulate substances that are responsible for hair loss androgenetikou type without any side effects
The accumulation of these substances in the pockets of hair after menopause in women, and by the age of 25 men make the necessary blood flow to the roots of hair and that is why we fall.
b) regulate the immune system
The deregulation of the immune system and local inflammation not be seen with the naked eye, are the main causes of hair loss.
The combination of Folliplus Extra Caps, Folliplus Extra Tincture and Shampoo stops hair loss in the 3rd month and increase hair growth in 6 months.
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