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Vivapharm Qyra Intensive Care Collagen, 21 vials x 25ml


Collagen is the main component of the epidermis and accounts for about 80% of its weight. It mainly affects the skin''s ability to bind water, its elasticity and its appearance.
From the age of 30, collagen loss begins, which increases significantly after menopause, collagen loss reaches 2% per year. As a result, the thickness of the inner layers of the epidermis and the appearance of wrinkles are reduced.
QYRA contains verisol, sophisticated specific 2.0 kD molecular weight collagen peptides that are nearly 100% absorbed. It is distributed in the various tissues, with the highest concentration being made on the skin.
So are the many benefits of Qyra on the skin. QYRA contributes significantly:
♦ Increased production of pre-collagen in the skin up to 60% and elastin up to 18%.
♦ Reduction of wrinkles that reaches up to 50% at 8 weeks.
♦ Increase skin elasticity up to 98%
♦ Increases the moisture content of the epidermis by simultaneously reducing the moisture evaporation.
♦ Enhance the regeneration of skin barrier, matrix synthesis and skin proteoglycans.
QYRA supports the production of collagen, which is not achieved with cosmetic creams. QYRA offers beauty that starts from the inside of the skin and in combination with a reliable cosmetic cream the results are impressive.

Nutritional supplement, hydrolyzed collagen, maintaining skin condition.

1 vial each night

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21 drinking vials

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