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Acai Berry
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Superfoods Acai Berry 30v.caps


Food supplement with Acai Berry.

The Acai Berry is a small fruit from the Amazonian forest, which acts in many ways and very beneficial for the proper and smooth functioning of the body. It contains large amounts of nutrients such as calcium, iron, carbohydrates, which stimulate supremely energy and strength of the organization. Thanks to antioxidants, omega fatty acids, amino acids, fibers and vitamins proven supports immune function, inhibits cell damage and provides protection against diseases and disorders. It is particularly known for enhancing sexual performance, which provides for this and Brazil characterized as a high performance fuel.

The Acai Berry Eubias is a 100% natural solution for better everyday health and performance of the organization at various levels.

Dosage: You can consume 1-2 capsules a day, according to the instructions of your doctor or pharmacist. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Install the product in a cool, dry, temperature 25 ° C.

CAUTION! No dietary supplement does not replace a healthy and balanced diet. Do not take the drug if you are going through pregnancy or nursing period.