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Solgar Chlorella 520mg 100V.Caps


Food supplement with Chlorella.

This dietary supplement is part of the vast range of food supplements on the market that provides the company Solgar. Contains Chlorella.

Chlorella is a kind of seaweed is used mainly for the preparation of food supplements and is concentrated source of nutrients. Contains concentrated and easily digestible form of protein, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, food enzymes and nucleic acids.
This supplement supplies high percentage chlorophyll. At the same time, helps increase the activity of leukocytes and compete with invasive viruses. Eliminates heavy metals and toxic elements from the body.

Chlorella are widely used for the prevention of cancer, reducing side effects from radiation therapy, the stimulation of the immune system, increase in white blood cells (especially in people suffering from cancer or HIV), protecting the body against toxic metals (such as lead and mercury), slowing the aging process and prevent colds. Also, improves digestion and helps in the treatment of ulcers, colitis, disease Crohn, and diverticulosis.

Administered as vegicap.
Contains 100 fytokapsoules.
You receive 1.3 fytokapsoules day, preferably in conjunction with meals.
Suitable for vegetarians.