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Esi Ginseng Plus Energy Pocket Drink 16x10ml


Dietary supplement for energy and stimulation.
Rich source of valuable nutrients, dietary supplement with ginseng, is suitable for people with intense physical and mental activity.

This drinking tonic is suitable for sportsmen, students and seniors recovering. Aimed at those who exhausted physically and mentally, giving them energy and mental alertness. The strong stimulative action, due to the combination of active ingredients that provide a fast and effective results. Also, the bioavailability of the components, this type of liquid dietary supplement, provides better results.

INGREDIENTS: In measuring cap: Vitamin C (180 mg) Creatine (100 mg) vitamin E (10 mg) in a flask: L-carnitine (200 mg) seed Guarana ES (30 mg) es Ginseng (30 mg) Kola Nut es (10 mg) Eleutherococcus ES (5 mg).

USAGE: This product is intended for adults and is immediately available as an oral solution. The proposed dosage is 1 small bottle per day, preferably in the morning.
The product does not contain gluten, milk derivatives, lactose, added sugar, ogm.