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Green Tea
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ARKOCAPS Green Tea 45caps Weight Loss


Green tea

Part used: the stem and first two leaves of a twig.

Overweight and obesity.


This small shrub, which offers after treatment of the leaves, tea, is now one of the most used plants in the world.

For a beautiful silhouette

Being overweight is actually a result of a simple equation: the energy absorbed in the diet is greater than the energy consumed by the body.

Green tea contains two active ingredients, caffeine and polyphenols, which are joined NAA enhance catecholamine, and increase thermogenesis (energy consumption of the body) and reducing overweight.

Besides the aesthetic problem, overweight has serious health effects such high cholesterol. Studies have shown that frequent use of green tea significantly reduces the rate of blood lipids, particularly cholesterol.

Tea is a well-known stimulant of the central nervous system. It helps mental and physical effort, having a milder stimulant than coffee due to more slow and gradual release of caffeine.


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