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Green Tea
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Now Foods Green Tea Extract 400mg 100 caps


Now Foods Green Tea Extract 400mg 100 caps

Now Foods Green Tea Extract 400mg 100 caps

Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant with high concentrations of polyphenols (catechins). A plant that for years was connected with the countries of East and in recent years has begun to be popular in Europe is the Green Tea.

Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of green tea on health due to its content of antioxidants (polyphenols) and superiority compared to other teas. These investigations concluded that green tea strengthens the immune system, offering powerful antioxidant protection, supports digestion, helps the heart and circulatory system, helps regulate blood sugar, strengthens bones, protects tooth enamel and slows the aging epidermis, while accelerating the combustion facilitates weight loss, reduces body fat and increases stamina. The Green Tea can help in weight control by increasing causing the metabolism and the regulation of blood glucose levels.

Research shows that to achieve one of the beneficial effects of drinking green tea should be consumed more than ten cups a day, something about the rhythms of our lives seems impossible. The green tea extract GREEN TEA EXTRACT contains concentrated all the beneficial substances in green tea helps you easily take advantage of all the beneficial components of green tea.

To NOW ® Green Tea Extract contains 40% catechins, one of the highest concentrations of the extract product.


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