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ARKOCAPS Carbo Active 45caps Flat abdomen, bloating


Vegetable carbon

Flat abdomen, bloating, abdominal pain, aerophagy, irritable bowel.

The plant adsorbs gases

Activated vegetable carbon made from coconut shells, after charring of passing special processing. The porosity of this increases, giving high adsorptive capacity. Activated vegetable carbon remains in the intestinal tract where it is well tolerated. There will absorb that is unwanted in the body (food additives, residues of pesticides or fertilizers, toxic bacteria from fish or shellfish).

The action on the intestinal gas results from a double process: the adsorption of gases and bacteria that cause these gases. Many functional digestive disorders that often due to a poor diet (excessive consumption of sweets, fried foods or alcohol) can be combated with coal: abdominal pain, cramps, heartburn, bloating.

Reducing intestinal gas, the Vegetable carbon helps to regain a flat tummy and a beautiful silhouette. It also eliminates the bad breath is mainly due to enteric fermentation and intense combats leaks creating a real "gut bandage."