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ARKOCAPS Fennel 45caps Digestion Problems



Part used: fruit.

Antispasmodic, colitis, gastritis, aerophagy, bloating, irritable bowel.


The fennel is a herb that has its roots in the Mediterranean region, now cultivated, but the same in Europe as in Asia or America.

It grows near houses (in the countryside), the edge of fields and roads, on the shores of the sea.

Used since antiquity for its tonic and anti-parasitic properties and is said also that casts out evil spirits.

Better functioning of the digestive system

Fennel fruit is rich in essential oil (50% anethole) with a characteristic aroma, and used for its medicinal properties.

Beyond its ability to stimulate digestion, is capable Calm down spasms and abdominal pain (gastritis, colitis).

Fennel prevents gas formation by blocking the fermentation process of food during digestion. Thus offers a perfect solution to aerophagy, the source of major discomfort and embarrassment.

A clinical study conducted in 1990 showed that fennel, along with mint, combats digestive problems: bloating, weight after lunch aerophagy or nausea.

Fennel recommended in nursing women since it stimulates milk production.


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