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ARKOCAPS Pineapple 45 caps ARKOCAPS ANANAS 45 caps For Slimming & Cellulite



Part used: the stem and the fruit.

Cellulite, swelling.


The pineapple became known to Europeans in 1493, during the second voyage of Christopher Columbus to the New World. The natives had dubbed the "Nana". Widespread throughout tropical America, pineapple seems to have a place of origin of the Orinoco Valley of Brazil. If preferred for very tasty and sweet fruit is the stem that brings together all the therapeutic properties.

The anti-cellulite

The stalk of pineapple contains large amounts of a proteolytic enzyme, the vromelaine which has very interesting properties.

Breaks down large proteins, thereby speeding up the digestion and helps in the elimination from the body (they are able to absorb up to 1000 times its weight in protein!). It is a very effective weapon for the treatment of overweight associated with fluid retention and cellulite. Cleave the proteins ''support'' tissues with cellulite, help detoxify, mobilize and remove fat items from their warehouses.

On the other hand, thanks to anti-inflammatory action, the vromelaine usually used to absorb localized swellings found in fat stores, in fractures, sprains in on dislocations, etc. ..

The end vromelaini prevent the increase of insulin in the blood caused by the consumption of products containing sugar direct combustion (pastes, etc. ..), and storage form of fat.