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ARKOCAPS Pumpkin Oil 60caps Benign prostatic hypertrophy


Part used: oil seed

Benign prostatic hypertrophy.


The pumpkin was one of the first vegetables that came from America. The seeds are used for many years by general practitioners for their anthelmintic properties. Recently discovered the decongestant properties of oil seeds, valuable in cases of prostate adenoma.

To facilitate urination and prostate problems.

Thanks to modern liquid extraction technique, we can get oil of excellent quality.

This method of extraction is ecological, safe, and has all the safety certificates for the consumer.

This oil contains a large amount (50%) of the two "good" fats that can not be produced: linoleic acid.

It also contains cucurbitine (anthelmintic), minerals (psefdargyros. ..), vitamins (B, C, E. ..) and phytosterols.

These last components inhibit inflammation or development of prostate tissue (benign prostatic hypertrophy), the main cause problems urinating.

Excellent results were reported by patients who had prostate problems (males) or urinary tract infections (women) and treated with pumpkin seed oil.