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A.Vogel Calendula Complex 50ml


Calendula has an astringent effect that is beneficial for cleansing the lymphatic tissue. The lymph nodes are located around the jaw and throat, around the groin and armpits, and the abdomen. Skin problems in these areas may indicate hypotonic lymph nodes.
Calendula is improves bile secretion), thus helping to fight swollen and sluggish lymph nodes. Cleaning and moving the lymph has a positive effect on all skin conditions. The addition of Viola tricolor, with its beneficial effects on the epidermis, supports this action.
Calendula is rich in anti-inflammatory flavonoids. The resin containing it makes it suitable for inflammatory diseases in the mouth, throat and upper digestive tract, as well as in lymphatic problems.
Calendula is also a menopause (it stimulates blood flow to the pelvic region), and thus helps to regulate menstrual problems.
Nettle added enhances its cleansing action as nettle helps the body to eliminate uric acid associated with inflammatory and pruritic skin reactions.

Instructions for use
Adults: 10-20 drops in a little water, twice a day.

Dietary Supplements. Lymphatic cleansing. Detoxification. Skin problems e.g. acne, buddynes. Wound healing: Oral ulcers (and chronic ulcers), rectal splints, inflammatory skin lesions, intestinal permeability

Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.
If you are pregnant, breast-feeding, receiving medication or experiencing health problems, consult your doctor before taking this medicine.


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