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Higher Nature Mexican Wild Yam Cream 100ml


Botanical cream formulations provided diosgenin and phytosterols for the symptoms of menopause. Contains Dong quai-Agnus castus and Tsimifougka.
Mexican Yam High Strength
Natural phyto-sterols
The Mexican Yam prosarmogeneis is a herb that helps the adrenals to adapt to changes in the body. Contains diosgenin, which support the body during menopause when female hormones are low.
It helps to relax the muscles, such as those located in the uterus, and texture, it may be beneficial during menstruation. The Mexican Wild Yam (Dioscorea villosa) and Wild Yam (Dioscorea opposita) - Yam or Yam, a rich source of phytosterols and phyto-estrogens especially "diosgenins" (diosgenin) and "saponins" (saponins). These phyto-hormones help regulate female hormones, balancing the ratio of estrogen and progesterone. Even support adrenal function that in turn support the hormonal system. Also promote good mood, setting healthy body temperature, water balance in the body, healthy libido, memory, joint health and regulating cholesterol. These herbs and maintain the health of stomach, muscle, gallbladder, kidney and liver.
> Prosarmogeneis herb.
> Helps adrenal function.
> Support by menopause.
> Also suitable for women in menstruation.

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