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ippokrateios nutrition Mesquite powder 250g


Scientific studies have found that balances the blood sugar level is therefore safe for diabetics. He has high fiber content, thus requiring more time to digest and absorb than that of many other cereals. The digestive time for mesquite is 4 to 6 hours compared to 1-2 hours of the digestive time of wheat. This feature prevents fluctuations in blood sugar and can therefore also prevents hunger. Therefore mesquite is a food that supports the diabetic diet and helps maintain a healthy insulin system. It is sweet in taste and very rich food. Protein per 100g contains 3.4g fat 16 g Dietary Fiber 36 g Minerals: Boron Barium 3,7 mg 3,2 mg Calcium 520 mg Chromium Cobalt 0,12 mg 0,03 mg 0,8 mg Copper Iron 18 mg Magnesium 140 mg Manganese Molybdenum 2,3 mg 0,05 mg Phosphorus 215 mg Potassium 1712mg Sodium 12mg Sulfur 222 mg Zinc 3,0 mg