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Yogi tea Biological Tea Men''s (the tea of the man)


Ayurveda, a holistic health system from ancient India, teaches that a man should know how to renew the action regularly to keep fit. A balanced routine ensures an active and productive lives. Daily exercise, proper rest and balanced diet is essential.

The food is not only essential to health but also for his ability. According to Ayurveda, the ability of a man is the inner strength to be creative and efficient in all his endeavors. The Men''s Tea has a spicy aroma with a slight sense of ginseng.

A key tonic for men, which increases the vitality, creativity and effectiveness.

INGREDIENTS: Ginger *, liquorice *, carob *, cinnamon *, barley malt *, roasted * ankle *, Fenugreek *, Fennel seed *, liquorice *, cardamom *, ginger extract, black pepper *, cinnamon extract

* Product of organic agriculture

15 sachets