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Yogi tea Biological Tea Rose


8 Essences of flowers mixed in a beverage to create this masterpiece. This airy, ethereal composition created in conjunction with jasmine, linden blossom, chamomile, zampouko, sunflowers, lavender and yarrow. A memorable dance flavors. The rose is the queen in the plant kingdom. The refined form steffetai with a wonderful fragrance that you can not forget a touch of paradise does not seem to belong in this world. The playfulness with forms and colors are pleasing to the eye. The taste of the magical language and opens the mind.

The Rose is part of the Earth. The Earth is the element that nourishes everything. Is the element of balance. Linked to the end of summer when the harvest is over and the harvest is gathered. Life has matured. From the nutritional Yin come all life forms. The Earth is the center. In "Empire of the Centre" (China), is the home of childhood, where fresh food from a mother who cares.

Ingredients: Hibiscus *, chamomile *, * zampouko, linden blossoms *, rose petals *, cinnamon *, * lavender roses, yarrow flower, ginger *, black pepper *, fennel *, turmeric *, natural flavor *, sunflower petals * * mullein, alfalfa *, plantagko, cardamom *, cloves *, powdered beverage kompoucha *.

* Product of organic agriculture

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