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Yogi Tea Orange Ginger with Basil 330ml


Want to make the day even better? Then you should try Ayurvedic herbal and spice tea with fresh orange fruit and a touch of fresh ginger in a unique tea.

Main ingredients
- Basil
The basil has a wonderful spicy aroma, which is ideal for Mediterranean cuisine as well as fresh tea.
- Ginger
Ginger gives many YOGI TEA® drinks a fruity warm and aromatic spicy flavor.
- Orange barrel
The orange peel contains a lot of essential oils and the taste is similar to the fruit pulp, but not so sweet and slightly bitter.
- Cinnamon
It is already used as a spice in China since 3,000 BC. It has an aromatic-sweet taste and contains valuable essential oils.
- Licorice
Licorice has been known since ancient times. Its sweetening power is about 50 times stronger than that of sugar.
- Black pepper
Black pepper is one of the most important spices in the world. It has intense spicy flavors, ranging from slightly spicy to quite spicy.
- Cardamom
The cardamom has a delicate, sweet-spicy aroma that makes cardamom ideal for use in many different foods.
- Chili pepper
Chilli peppers are annual plants grown mainly in sunny countries such as Mexico, India, Thailand and Tanzania.

Extract of herbs and spices (water, basil *, ginger *, orange juice *, cinnamon *, licorice *, black pepper *, cardamom *, chilli *, loaf *) (93%), rosehip * (4.5%), lemon juice *.
* Organic farming product.

Herbal and spice tea.

Content - Packaging
330 ml