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Milk Thistle
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F|ECTIVE Silymarin 30Caps


F|ECTIVE Silymarin, 30caps

Indications: For Detoxification

The Silymarin (Milk Thistle extract - thistle extract) has actively bioflavonoids that help in normal liver function and protect against damage resulting from various factors, such as toxic substances, chemical drugs, alcohol, heavy metals, etc.

Addition, Silymarin has strong antioxidant properties and helps to detoxify the body, especially in cases of over-consumption of alcohol.
LEADING SYMBIO 3: Beneficial combination prebiotic FOS + GOS citrate bioflavonoids for healthy intestinal flora, better absorption of vitamins and minerals and enhance antioxidant protection agency.
It contains no sugar, preservatives and gluten.

1 capsule a day with 1 cup water, ideally with your brunch or breakfast for 3 consecutive months. It recommended stopping for 1 month and repeat the same regimen in the same way.

Do not exceed the recommended dose to avoid unwanted effects.

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