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Milk Thistle
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Lamberts Milk thistle 8500mg 90tabs


An extract from over 8500mg of seed.
Silymarin is the active principle from the fruit of Silybum marianum, better known as milk thistle, a plant that grows throughout the Mediterranean and naturalised in the UK since herbalists introduced it in the 16th century.
Silymarin consists of three isomers called silybin, silidanin and silicristin, which are all classed as flavonolignans, silybin being the most important constituent.
Milk thistle is one of the most extensively studied herbs in use today, with over 300 scientific studies on its chemistry and application.
It takes 8.5 grams of whole milk thistle seed to produce 286 mg of milk thistle extract, the amount present in each of these tablets.
We use a standardised extract from mature seeds, to give a guaranteed level of 200mg silymarin per tablet.

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