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St John's Wort
SKU 1947

Solgar St. John''s Wort Herb Extract 300mg 50V.Caps


Food supplement for mood enhancement.

The St. John ''s Wort Herb Extract product with a strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which serves antiviral. It works beneficial for the treatment of depression and helps with positive results in cases of nervous tension and anxiety. Now, the use is well known to improve the symptoms of depression.


It is only used in adults in the form vegicap.
Contains 50 fytokapsoules of 300 mg Solgar St. John''s Wort Herb Extract.
Ye receive vegicap one day, as you dine.
Suitable for vegans.

No dietary supplement does not replace a healthy and balanced diet. If you are pregnant or nursing, please do not use this product.

CAUTION! Solgar St. John''s Wort Herb Extract makes the skin more sensitive to light. People who have open skin, it would be good to avoid exposure to strong sunlight or other ultraviolet radiation such as tanning beds. Even during reception of this supplement should avoid eating certain foods, such as yeast, meat, red wine, pickled herring, aged cheese, and more generally, products containing tyramine. Not to be used along with antidepressants products. There is potential for interaction of the product with some anesthetics products. If you are taking medication and want to use and the St John ''s Wort Herb Extract the same time, ask your doctor for advice before taking it.