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Lamberts Valerian 1600mg 60tabs

Valerian (Valerian officinalis) is a herb with features pink blossoms that rife in North America and Europe. Alternatively, it is also known as European Valerian or All Heal. The trade formulations are derived from the processing of the root or Rhizome.
The first use of Valerian in medicine is mentioned by the ancient Greeks. During the last twenty years have seen a significant rise in interest for this particular herb, which is evidenced by the publication of over 200 reviews on the chemical composition and its usefulness in clinical practice.
The Valerian of Lamberts is among the most powerful products in the global market, as each tablet contains 400 mg of extract is equivalent of titrating with Valerian root 1600mg.
Doctors usually recommend taking Valerian an hour before the evening''s sprawling.
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