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Agan Metabolin-1, 30V.Caps


Metabolin-1 is a powerful dietary formula of herbal ingredients, with a combination of polyphenols from Pomolive ® (patented extract Pyrus Malus-Apple and Olea Europaea-Elia) and Bergavit ® (standardized extract of Citrus Aurantium Bergamia-Bergamot) with vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid, ingredients that help positively manage the disorders of the metabolic syndrome and prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.

Reduces adipose tissue. Reduction of 5-7% of the initial weight in obese adults resulting in significant improvement of all parameters of the metabolic syndrome helps to reduce homocysteine (significant cardiovascular risk indicator) and inflammation has a positive effect on Reduction of waist circumference (abdominal obesity) which is an important health risk indicator reduces BMI (body mass index) restores and maintains blood lipids (total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides) in Normal levels.
Protects from deposition of fat in the liver cells (adipose filtration) enhances the resistance of peripheral tissues to the action of insulin (Insoylinoantistasi) and maintains healthy blood sugar levels.
Elevates the value of HDL eliminates the risk of atherosclerosis increases the rate of lean muscle mass anti-inflammatory and antioxidant support in the blood vessels due to flavonoids containing

Dietary supplement, metabolic syndrome disorders, central type obesity, low HDL, high triglycerides, hypertension, Insoylinoantistasi

Loading dose: 2 Herbal Capsules Metabolin-1 daily, before eating for 2 months *.
Maintenance Dose: 1-2 Herbal capsules Daily, before eating *.

* or based on the doctor''s instructions.

30 Herbal Capsules

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