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Unipharma iodo-fix 60 disk



The Uni-Pharma S.A. presents the new product Iodo-fix ® with 200mg of iodine. Iodine is an essential structural component of the hormones thyroid T4 and T3. Therefore, the main contribution in maintaining the balance of the body resulting from the important role of thyroid hormones in growth and metabolism.


The poverty of iodine is associated both with various pathologies of the thyroid gland (eg swelling, goiter) and the occurrence of mental retardation, as the effect of iodine on brain development in fetuses and newborns are significant. Since even a mild iodine deficiency during pregnancy can affect the fetus and newborn, all pregnant and lactating women is good to take further every day at least 150mg of iodine.


Each tablet Iodo-fix:

• contains 200mg of iodine as potassium iodide

• is  swallowed

• contains no sugar or salt.