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Lamberts Zinc Citrate 25mg, 120s


Lamberts Zinc Citrate 25mg, 120 Tabs
Zinc citrate

Zinc is an integral part of insulin, the hormone used as a treatment for diabetes.
Zinc is essential for all protein synthesis in the body. When the physical or mental demands of the body increase, as well as increasing fiber intake can increase the need for zinc or zinc respectively greater loss from the body.
In the skin is 20% of the zinc is stored in the body. Furthermore, zinc contributes to the regeneration of tissues and is involved in some enzymatic reactions necessary for the proper functioning of the sebaceous glands of the skin.
It is directly related to many organ systems such as the nervous, immune and reproductive. At the same time it helps to maintain the proper functioning of senses (eg taste, smell).

Each tablet provides: Zinc (as Citrate) 25mg
Dosage: 1 tablet Lamberts Zinc Citrate daily.