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Terra Nova Life Drink Unflavoured 454g


Terra Nova Life Drink Unflavoured 454g

Indications: Elixir with combination of whole fresh superfoods, ready to create a nutritious beverage.

Unique composition with 8 categories hypertrophy in 1 product, 100% natural with enhanced nutritional value for those in need of highly nutritious foods without preservatives and chemical additives. It contains a great variety of ingredients such as Chlorella and Spirulina, Omega 3-6-9 from linseed oil and borage. Yet contains 10 varieties of fresh vegetables freeze drying, 10 different antioxidants berries (A and Berry, sea buckthorn, etc.) and 2 species of mushrooms (Ganoderma & shitake). Furthermore it contains over 100 known antioxidants and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals from rice bran, 5 different types of probiotics with prebiotic and 7 different digestive enzymes.
Ideal for action and toning, strengthening defense, antioxidant and the proper functioning of the body, for people on a diet, improve bowel function, for people who regularly exercise, long hours working and not balanced feed.
suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Mix with juice or pureed fruit (smoothie). Ideally use fruits like apple pear banana.
Once open, keep in refrigerator.

Store in a cool dark place away from children

Rice bran, MIXTURE OIL OMEGA 3-6-9, 2 FUNGI COLD DRYING (shitake & Ganoderma) BALANCED PROTEIN VEGETABLE, SPIRULINA & Chlorella, 10 VEGETABLES COLD DRYING (broccoli - parsley - spinach - beetroot etc.), 10 ANTIOXIDANTS BERRIES COLD DRYING (acai berry - bilberry - cranberry - sea buckthorn, etc.), 11 digestive enzymes. 5 probiotics and prebiotics
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Content - Packing: Powder 454g

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