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Viogenesis Sodium Bicarbonate 500g


"VioGenesis" brought you the cleanest, safest and most tested soda on the market.
Sodium Bicarbonate improves plasma bicarbonate content, regulates excess hydrogen ions and improves blood pH, thus reversing the clinical manifestations of acidosis. Oxidation in the body and blood is one of the most important risks that systemically and almost completely threatens many functions of the body and creates conditions for the development of pathogenesis. So the more acidic our body is:
♦ Weak and ineffective is our immune system
♦ The development of fungi and bacteria such as candida is favored
♦ The development of neoplastic phenomena is favored
♦ Growth of cancer cells is accelerated

While the more alkaline our body is:
- The appearance and intensity of musculoskeletal problems (myalgia, cervical syndrome, cramps, etc.) is diminished
- Effective fight against digestive problems (indigestion, gastroesophageal reflux)
- Significantly improved image of rheumatic diseases (additionally enhances drug action)
Improved image of circulatory disorders (hypertension, tachycardia)
- It favors the regulation of nervous disorders (irritability, insomnia)
- The concentration and production of uric acid is reduced
- It reduces itching and allergic skin reactions
- Energy levels increase

Does not contain:
aluminum, gluten and impurities.

sodium bicarbonate (pharmaceutical grade of purity)

Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.
If you are pregnant, breast-feeding, receiving medication or experiencing health problems, consult your doctor before taking this medicine.

Origin: Germany