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Bones & Joints
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Doctor''s Formulas Msm + Vitamin C Formula 60Caps


The MSM is an organic form of sulfur and is a potent antioxidant.
The main mechanism of action of MSM is the provision of sulfur, which is one of the major constituents of connective tissue. Improves the connective tissue by creating intersections called disulfide bonds which are links in the glycosaminoglycan chains that build cartilage. The MSM inhibits the inflammatory process and enhances them properties of cortisol. 34% of MSM contains elemental sulfur. Sulfur is necessary for the formation of connective tissue, and the sulfur concentration in the cartilage lying in inflammation, has one third the concentration level compared to normal cartilage. After the calcium and phosphorus, sulfur is the body of the third most abundant element. Almost half of the total sulfur present in the muscles, bones and skin.

The Vitamin C has a function as an electron donor for a few enzymes, three of which are participating in hydroxylation of collagen.

Indications: Normal operation cartilage

Instructions for use
Take 1 capsule two times daily

Store in a dry, cool place, away from children.

Contents: 60 Capsules