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Bones & Joints
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Genecom Terra Flam Plus 15 caps


Genecom Terra Flam Plus 15 caps

Genecom Terra Flam Plus 15 caps
treatment of inflammation and edema

Defeat inflammation and pain in the most safe and effective way

The Terra Flam is a high quality and bioavailability of dietary supplement containing the proteolytic enzyme Serrapeptasi * 120000 UI / g. The Serrapeptasi like enzyme cleaved in the acidic environment of the stomach, and therefore the Terra Flam made in 15 plant gastroresistant controlled release capsules (DRcaps®) 500mg, thus improving efficacy and bioavailability.
Clinically evaluable use of proteolytic enzyme Serrapeptasi for effective contribution to inflammation and pain, with minimal side effects compared to the anti-inflammatory class of FANS.
The Serrapeptasi can actively contribute to the health of organ systems:
⇒ immune
⇒ respiratory
⇒ cardiovascular
⇒ venous
⇒ lymphatic
⇒ urogenital
⇒ musculoskeletal
⇒ soft tissue.

Without lactose

Instructions for use:
A capsule in the morning and one night (equivalent to 60.000 UI / g serrapeptasis).

Keep in shady and cool place, away from children. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications or are experiencing health problems, consult your physician before taking this formulation.

H Serrapeptasi is a proteolytic - systemic enzyme with unsurpassed contribution to inflammation and pain.

Notification Number EOF: 3787 / 01.18.2017 (not serving authorization position by EOF.)

Produced in Italy

Content - Packing: 15 Capsules