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Viogenesis Cholesteromol 60 caps


Viogenesis Cholesteromol 60 caps

Viogenesis Cholesteromol 60 caps is a food supplement for hypercholesterolemia with phytosterols, vitamin A, vitamin E

The main ingredients of Viogenesis Cholesteromol 60 caps are:

phytosterols, capsule shell hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, quercetin, anti-caking agent magnesium salts of fatty acids, citrate bioflavonoids, acetate D-alpha-tocopherol, extract, beta carotene, green extract tomato, broccoli extract, acai extract, turmeric extract, garlic extract, basil extract, oregano extract, cinnamon extract, rye fruit extract, carrot extract, mangosteen extract, ginger extract, ginger extract, ginger extract , spinach extract, cabbage extract, raspberry extract, brussels sprout extract
Take 2 tablets daily

Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.
If you are pregnant, breast-feeding, receiving medication or experiencing health problems, consult your doctor before taking it.

No more than 3 grams of additional phytosterols should be consumed per day

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60 capsules