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Power Health Classics Platinum Range Livapure 30Tabs


Liver, a sensitive organ.

The liver is particularly sensitive to factors such as anxiety and stress, every time you press, irritated, or when we make malnutrition a burden our liver. Good health affects the functioning of our body.
Innovative combination of Milk thistle and choline.

The LivaPure comprises a specialized combination of natural ingredients, to protect the liver and the management of lipid nutrition. Several factors such as modern lifestyles, environmental pollution, toxins, obesity, alcohol use have the impact of yperleitourgiatou High. In formula derived from nature protects the liver.

It contains standardized extract from the plant Milk Thistle (thistle) or Silyvo marianum, which is traditionally used for the normal functioning of the liver and bile. The choline, calcium, vitamin B12 and folic acid supplement this protective composition.

Livapure is an ideal for people with overloaded liver, people suffering from fatty infiltration, obesity, and people who regularly use drugs, or malfunctions of bile.

Thistle seed extract / 300mg (silymarin / Silymarin 240mg) 300mg
Choline 150mg
Calcium 120mg
Vitamin B6 0,28mg
Folic acid 40 ug
Vitamin B12 0,5mg

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