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forte pharma energy vitalite 4G 10 single dosages of 10ml



stimulant, tonic, stimulant condensate

If you are working with rhythms, working at night, you''re in a period of testing, strain the body and mind and you need extra power to meet its obligations, your solution is Vitalite 4G.

Creating of French Laboratories Forte Pharma, helps you troubleshoot the tiredness and reduced vigor, while stimulating physical, mental and your sexual activity. The effectiveness of Vitalite 4G based on innovative composition containing complex 4G (ginseng 2000mg, Ginger 600mg, royal jelly 200mg, Guarana 700mg) combined with aserola (rich source of vitamin C).

Now great tasting honey and orange. The most complete formalin with the higher dose of active ingredients.


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