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Menarini Sustenium Energy Sport, Orange Flavor 10 Sachets


Sustenium Energy Sport is a nutritional supplement ideal for hydrating and improving muscular recovery during and after exercise!
It contains electrolytes and is enhanced with Carnitine, Taurine, Glutamine, Vitamin C, E, Zinc and Oligosaccharides.
Carnitine: contributes to the oxidation of fatty acids
Glutamine: Contributes to improving the immune system during intense exercise
Taurine: Helps protect the muscle cell during exercise
♦ Contains Low Glycemic Oligosaccharides to provide energy throughout the exercise

Nutritional Supplement, Athletes, Muscle Recovery. hydration and enhancement of muscle recovery during and after exercise.

Instructions for use
Dissolve and consume 500 ml of water a sachet a day, during or after physical exercise

Keep it in a shady, cool place, away from children.
If you are pregnant, breast-feeding, receiving medication or experiencing health problems, consult your doctor before taking this medicine.

10 sachets with Orange flavor