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Intermed FertilFix Man 60tabs


Intermed FertilFix Man 60tabs

Intermed FertilFix Man 60tabs 

  • Specially designed nutritional supplement for the enhancement and support of the function of the male reproductive system and the dietary management of male infertility.

The ingredients of the composition have been chosen to ensure dietary management of male infertility and promote general reproductive health by reducing oxidative stress, improving the quality, mobility, morphology and quantity of spermatozoa.

With vitamins, minerals, trace elements, carotenoids & amino acids.Enriched with carnitine & coenzyme Q10

According to clinical studies:

  • carnitine, arginine & citrulline have a positive effect on quality, number, morphology & motility of spermatozoa
  • Coenzyme Q10, Glutathione, Selenium, N-acetylcysteine & lycopene as potent antioxidant agents counteract and prevent oxidative damage thus preventing sperm morphology and ensure their functionality and structure

Low in sugar & salt