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Lamberts Strong Start For Men 30soft caps + 30 tabs


Essential micronutrients for Supporting Male Fertility .

The StrongStart  for Men provides all the necessary micronutrients to support male fertility at much higher levels compared to other similar products on the market , but to exceed safety levels , making it ideal for long term use . Particular emphasis has been given to antioxeidotka micronutrients because they are now proven the benefits to sperm health by reducing oxidative stress. Besides proven to sperm health antioxidants such as vitamin C and selenium contained other strong plant antioxidant extracts from grape seed and green tea , and curcumin . The nutritional program StrongStart ® for Men includes a daily multivitamin tablet plus one capsule of Omega 3 fatty acids , which provides a higher level of Omega 3 essential fatty acids compared with any other similar product on the market .

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