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Lamberts Strongstart mvm 60tabs

For the period of pregnancy (before and after) and breastfeeding.
The MVM StrongStart is a multivitamin formula of a tablet daily, which has been designed by the Technical and Scientific section of the Lamberts and is exclusively for women of childbearing age who:
Either hoping to conceive.
Whether they are pregnant.
Are either in the breastfeeding period.
The chemical composition of the MVM is oriented at StrongStart to fully cover the increased needs of the woman either before conception or during pregnancy (which covers the needs of both pregnant and foetus), or in particularly demanding period of lactation. When taken daily, provide the required amount of folic acid that has been fixed by the Ministry of health (400mcg), combined with ideal levels of other vitamins and minerals that are needed for this important period. to sum it up:
Provide adequate and safe levels of micro-substances
Does not contain vitamin a
Provides the recommended levels of folic acid
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