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Lenus Pharma Profertil Men 60Caps


Efficacy findings under
During the survey, one in five participants reported improved sperm quality and pregnancy
What can a man
To actively support the partner taking PROfertil®
When diagnosed with "infertility" in men, the magic number is "three"!
A slow sperm several months to fully develop. Therefore, PROfertil® should be administered for at least three months and up to start the pregnancy.
In medical terms: This is the "dietary management of male infertility associated with the diet." You can select the ideal package size depending on the desired duration of treatment.
Recipe "two once a day"
The PROfertil® available in packs of 1 month, which contains 60 capsules and in packs of 3 months (180 capsules). We recommend that you consult your physician before using this product and before changing the dosage.

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