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Vitabiotics WELLWOMAN 30 caps

The dietary supplement Vitabiotics Wellwoman Original of is a unique composition of herbal extracts and micronutrients 22. Evening primrose oil and starflower oil containing are rich sources of Omega-6 essential fatty acid GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). According to studies, the GLA strengthens the immune, improves skin health and can help regulate the hormones and the menstrual cycle. The Bioflavonoids, carotenoids and vitamins C and E are antioxidants which help protect the organism from toxic substances produced in the body, for example because of exposure to solar radiation, intense physical activity, smoking, exposure to contaminated environments, etc. B vitamins play an important role in the proper functioning of the brain, the production of hemoglobin and the production of energy from the body. The composition is enhanced by various metals with a variety of actions, such as iron, magnesium, copper, zinc and selenium are cofactors of enzymes involved in various processes of the Agency. Moreover, the composition included vitamins D and K, which contribute to bone health.

-Composition of a capsule a day
-Suitable for long-term use

Dosage & Instructions
One capsule a day with the main meal with a full glass of water or cold beverage.

Does not contain
Preservatives, gluten, starch, sugar, salt or yeast. Also, contains no drugs or hormones.
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