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Hyaluronic Acid
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Solgar Hyaluronic Acid Complex 30Tabs


Food supplement with Hyaluronic Acid of Solgar company.

The dietary supplement of Solgar, impregnated with hyaluronic acid, assists in improving the skin and hair, by acting as a mild anti-aging. Your skin regains its youthful glow with the contribution of Solgar Hyaluronic Acid Complex! Hyaluronic acid, a natural substance composed of the same your organization, contribute to hydration of tissues and retaining water in the connective tissue area.
Starting, the multiple benefits of Hyaluronic Acid, the Solgar created for your Hyaluronic Acid Complex, a complex enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamin c and the high absorbency collagen BioCell Collagen II. The complex composition with 750 mg of hydrolyzed collagen type II , 120mg yalouronikou acid and j 240mg chondroitin sulfate highly bioavailable, provides your organization valuable nutrients. Additionally hyaluronic acid contributes to the proper functioning of joints and contributes positively to the good functioning of the entire human system.


The special supplement with Hyaluronic Acid of Solgar, available in the form of tablets. Each pack contains 30 tablets of 120 mg. For adults, take 1 tablet of Hyaluronic acid of Solgar day, preferably in conjunction with meals.

Food supplements should not replace a balanced and healthy diet. In case of pregnancy, lactation and under the influence of medication or have a medical condition, consult your doctor.