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Bionat Memovigor2 20 tabs



Medicine accredited by the Ministry of Health - Ref.: 8536








Poor hearing


Menière syndrome


The only formulation that treats disorders of the screw and the vestibular and improves neuronal function.


The inner ear and the physiology of an extremely complicated system. Certain medical conditions and advanced age can upset this delicate system causing impairment of microcirculation, particularly for sensors and peripherals areas, oxidative stress and tissue damage of the neurosis. The damage of the nervous tissue caused by the reduced contribution of the capillary and drainage manifested by:


1. Immediate death of affected neurons because the oxidative imbalance


Two. Destruction of myelin sheath, as a result of lipid peroxidation


Three. Loss of ability of the axial cylinder good branding


4. Loss of functional fibers and simultaneous reduction of nerve growth factor (Nerve Growth Factors - NGF)


* Clinical studies have confirmed the hypothesis for the role of aitiopathogenetiko accumulation means mikrotoxikon metabolites, such as free radicals, when displaying reduced capacity natural defenses, in various pathological processes that impair the inner ear.


This imbalance, as evidenced by test logic is to use methods with antioxidant and neurogenic activity, as multiple effective "antidote" for the neutralization of these aitiopathogenetikon data.


The Memovigor 2 thanks to the simultaneous presence of "orthomorion" as phosphatidylserine, the L-acetylcarnitine, Gingko Biloba extract and vitamins of groups B, E and C, represent a particularly effective composition for the treatment of all combinatorial problem capacity central and peripheral vestibular syndromes and assistance to treat damage to the auditory and facial nerve.


Also Memovigor 2 assists in pathological conditions associated with a deficiency of peripheral microcircle, altered rheological characteristics of blood from subsequent oxidative stress, metabolic and energetic deficit, tissue damage and distress, particularly for sensory areas.