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Solgar Boron 3mg 100 V.caps


Solgar Boron: A valuable ally against osteoporosis, in the hands of every woman from Solgar.
Boron is an essential nutrient required for normal functioning of the female body after menopause.
During menopause, the ovaries no longer produce estrogen. For this reason, a woman may develop osteoporosis. In this case the nutritional supplement of Solgar, enriched Borio, essential trace element, assists in the metabolism of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D, and the physical composition of estrogen necessary to prevent those pre-mentioned. According to the book of Dr. Bernard Jensen "Guide for the health of the body and Nutrition" mentioned investigations indicate that the boron increases the levels of estrogen and other hormones that prevent the loss of calcium and bone demineralization (loss of valuable minerals from bones).
DOSAGE: In vegicaps. Take one vegicap Solgar Boron daily, preferably with meals. Suitable for vegans.
CAUTION: Avoid taking women who have or are predisposed to diseases associated with high estrogen levels.