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Charak Imupsora Tablets(Psoriasis) 60tabs


IMUPSORA acts against pathogenic mechanisms
associated with psoriasis with 5 different ways:
• Suspends the action of MHC molecules (major histocompatibility complex),
blocking the interaction of these with the receptors of T-lymphocytes
(antigen presenting cells).
• Supresses the pathological activation of T-lymphocytes
and consequently the overproduction of proteins that regulate
the proliferation of skin cells.
• Prevents the concentration of cytokines and related chymokinwn
by creating inflammation, blocking a specific protein composition
TNF-a (tumor necrosis factor alpha).
• It is possible to induce an immune-biologic
response that flips the cytokine environment
to which override Th1 helper cells,
in an environment that is weighted with Th2 helper.
Thus IMUPSORA acts as immunomodulator, demonstrating at the same time
ceratolytic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action.
Extend the time recession of disease, speed healing,
relieves pain and inflammation.
Additional acting anti-anxiety ensuring a feeling of well-being