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Boderm Prototype Anti-age Resveratrol & Vit. C & B Complex 60 Softgels


Specifically formulated for use in dermatological hair growth and loss of their protection .

Effective and safe for both sexes.

The Prototype ® is specifically designed to slow aging both genetic and metabolic level .

The Prototype ® contains natural Resveratrol , derived from the root of Polygonum cuspidatum plant which is the largest source of resveratrol in nature.

Resveratrol is a component of red wine. Activates the longevity gene ( ie gene SirT-). The gene activation longevity prolong life .

The Prototype ® also contains vitamin C and B vitamins act synergistically with resveratrol to slow aging.

Vitamins B12 , B6 and folic acid are the most important ( B vitamins ) because of the need to thoroughly anti-aging properties. Vitamin B6 contributes significantly faster healing in cases of scarring or burns . Folic acid is also a powerful weapon against aging , contributes significantly to the health of the skin.

Vitamin C combats aging, characterized by its strong antioxidant and is essential for the synthesis of collagen , for skin care and protection from the sun''s rays .

Award-winning series for the 2013 RSVP BEAUTY AWARDS 2013!


You can use the Prototype softgels caps twice daily .

60 softgels