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John Noa Worts No1 Liposomal Syrup Vanilla Strawberry 150ml


John Worts, Worts Syrup 250ml Health & Beauty

You need energy boost and appetite for life?
Then Worts syrup is the answer

> Assists in you can check your body weight through activation of metabolism, thus having the right weight have better health and beauty.

> Strengthens joints and so pains are reduced. It helps osteoarthritis.

> Your skin is beautiful, tight, shiny and elastic, smooth and healthy, which will have an impact on your mental health
> It works against the virus infection and shields immune against diseases.

> It has anti-aging properties, significantly reduces the signs left by time giving vitality and beauty.

> Do you have a trouble with anxiety and stress? then Worts syrup can help!

> Ensures nails, gives shiny hair and acts against hair loss.

> Contributes to sight and can be used by people suffering from diabetes.

> Protects from the harmful rays of the sun by fighting free radicals.