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Vitabiotics Perfectil Plus Nails 60tabs


Vitabiotics Perfectil Plus Nails 60tabs
Perfectil Plus Nails extra support, dietary supplement, multivitamin tablets with vitamins, calcium, trace minerals, amino acids & MSM.
The dietary supplement Perfectil Plus extra support of Vitabiotics must provide 22 nutrients such as vitamins B6, C, D, minerals, L-cystine and grape extract, that contribute to healthy skin, nails and hair. Grape extracts, vitamins C, E and carotenoids, ingredients known for its antioxidant properties, protects the skin from oxidative damage due to solar radiation, one of the most important aging factors, relaxation and wrinkles that protect collagen and elastin and help good blood microcirculation. Biotin stimulates the growth of the cells and associated with the growth of hair and skin health. Useful minerals such as magnesium and Zn (zinc), helps in the formation of healthy hair, hair growth, while copper is required for durability of the hair and the formation of the hair follicle.
The Perfectil Plus Nails extra support, contains extra selenium firmly maintains and healthy nails and also helps:
It has anti-inflammatory properties and relieves arthritic pain and morning stiffness.
It can save lives if given at the beginning of an acute pancreatitis, selenium reduces pancreatic inflammation in 24 hours.
The health of sperm cells
How to Use:
2 tablets together daily with or immediately after the main meal.

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