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Altion 4Sleep 30 caps


Altion 4Sleep 30 caps

Altion 4Sleep 30 caps 

Altion 4Sleep 30 capsules an innovative herbal formula that contains 4 herbal extracts of chamomile, valerian, passionflower, hops that calm and relieve stress and stress as well as melatonin that reduces the time to sleep and work daily with the best quality notification to the eof

Each Altion 4Sleep capsule contains:

Dry Chamomile Extract 100 mg
Dry Valerian Extract 72 mg
Dry Passionflower Extract 40 mg
Dry Hops Extract 20 mg
Melatonin 1 mg
Method of Administration

1 capsule at night half an hour before bedtime
Interactions Contraindications

If sedatives are used, you should consult your doctor
We do not use Altion 4Sleep if we are allergic to any of the ingredients
We should not exceed the daily dose
In a Pack of 30 capsules

Notification Number EOF 33302 / 12-03-2020