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URINAL 60caps


For infection and inflammation of the urinary tract

  • positive effect during infection and inflammation of the urinary canals.
  • recommended for prevention of repeated inflammation.
  • helps to prevent the growth of bacteria on walls of the urinary system.
  • contains natural elements, does not have any side effects.
What is inflammation of the urinary tract?

Infection of the urinal tract brings many unpleasant and painful symptoms – frequent need for urination, feeling of burning and cutting, great pain in the lower abdomen or lumbar region or even occurrence of blood in urine.  Repeatedly ignored infection often leads to chronic disease of the urinary system.  Infection of urinary canals affects most parts of the population, in particular women because of the different anatomy of a woman’s body.  Almost every woman goes through, at least once in her lifetime, an inflammation of the urinary canals.  To help decrease the infection and particularly the prevention of the origination of repeated inflammation, we offer a specially developed product, Urinal.

Urinal tablets contain the standardized extract NutriCran™ from cranberries (Vaccinium macrocarpon) which guarantees the respective volume of effective substances and positively affects the activity of the urinary system.  NutriCran™ extract is a rich source of vitamins, bioflavonoids, phenolic compounds and other natural substances having a positive effect on the health of the human body.  NutriCran™ helps to prevent the catching of harmful bacteria, in particular Escherichia Coli, on the walls of the urethra and urinary bladder (E. coli are the cause of 85% of all urinary canal infections).

Urinal can be used together with antibiotics. Everyday use helps to prevent repeated inflammation.

Reasons for use, symptoms / dosing

During prevention 1-2 softgels per day

Start of inflammation 3-4 softgels daily

(forcing of urination, feeling of pressure in lower abdomen, lumbar region.

During inflammation 5-6 softgels daily

(pain in lower abdomen and lumbar region, burning and cutting during urination)


In the case of repeated inflammation it is recommended to contact a urologist to exclude functional and anatomic changes in the urinary bladder.


In the case of acute uro-infection with temperature, rigor, strong pain in the lumbar region, it is necessary to contact a doctor.  Cranberries do not replace antibiotics in the case of acute disease.


Cranberries (NutriCran™ - standard extract), (Vaccinium macrocarpon – dried juice concentrate 25:1) 200,00 mg


During prevention 1-2 softgels daily, in the case of inflammation 2-6 softgels daily, take with water


60 softgels
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