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Macushield One A Day Eye Care, 30 Caps


Macushield Eye Health Supplement
Protect and help your health mesh with unique dietary supplement that contains Meso-Zeaxanthin.

The Essential Ingredients of Macushield Eye Health Supplement is:
♦ Meso-zeaxanthin (10mg)
♦ Lutein (10mg)
♦ Zeaxanthin (2mg)

These components are carotenoids from plant Marigold (marigold, calendula). The product is specifically designed to support the health of the macular kylidas and contains a combination of powerful antioxidants that provide eye protection from harmful effects of free radicals.

The pigment of the macula comes from carotenoids like zeaxanthin, lutein and meso-zeaxanthin present in our diet (fish carrots). It has yellow color and absorbs harmful blue light. The ingredients lutein and zeaxanthin are a filter for blue light by absorbing up to 90%. Alongside are powerful antioxidants and protect the eye by fighting free radicals.

The meso-zeaxanthin is the third component of the macula, is formed in the macula transformation of lutein. Unfortunately not in a usual diet but there is a shrimp and various fish such as salmon. It is the strongest of the three components to neutralize free radicals.