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Almora Plus 12sachets


Drinking electrolyte solution to hydrate the body.

The Almora Plus is a product of a special diet, containing mixing electrolytes and dextrose. The electrolyte mixtures, dextrose and water-enhancing hydration of the body. The granting them restore lost volumes from the body and restores the acid-base balance.

This product is a unique combination of electrolytes (Na +, K +, Cl +) and dextrose, which effectively replenishes electrolytes, which has lost the body. The substance of dextrose facilitates the absorption of water and sodium ions.

The administration consists in all the cases that need restoration and / or electrolyte and fluid maintenance. For example:

In mild cases of diarrhea of various causes.
In cases of gastrointestinal disorders of various causes, accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea.
In situations of loss of fluid and electrolytes in a short time.
During strenuous work or sports.
In times having heat or high temperatures.

The granting of appropriate both adults and children and infants.

The package contains twelve (12) sachets, each containing a dose of powder for oral solution.