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Power Health Hydrolytes Sports 20Eff.Tabs


Power Health Hydrolytes Sports 20Eff.Tabs

If you adore sports and general sport activities, you now have your own specially designed electrolytes. With perspiration lost valuable information that the organization needs them, especially during sports.
The Hydrolytes Sports is a sports nutritional supplement for high performance sport with electrolytes and glucose. It is a particular combination of electrolytes 5 nutrients (magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, manganese), and glucose for rapid power. For rapid replenishment of electrolyte solution is hypotonic.

Electrolyte Balance
♦ Immediate hydration
♦ Ideal for athletes and sportsmen
♦ Immediate decrease in fatigue and increase endurance

Active ingredients per tablet
glucose 1000mg
chlorine 195mg
sodium 263mg
potassium 300mg
iron 3mg
magnesium 80mg
copper 0,3mg
zinc 3mg
manganese 0,5mg

Does not contain:
Sugar, preservatives, lactose and gluten.

20 effervescent tablets