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USN Recover Xcell Tropical 1kg


It is specifically designed as a recovery drink after training and / or a comprehensive energy source , amino acids and electrolytes to your supplies after long periods of intense physical activity such as military training , racing bike , swimming , marathons and k.lp.kathos shorter intensive activities such as running , bodybuilding, weightlifting, basketball , soccer, etc. The carbohydrates consist of an ideal ratio of long chain glucose polymers for sustained energy supply , fast-acting simple sugars for rapid energy replacement . The USN Recover Xcell has also developed as a isotonic drink which was promoted rapid absorption of nutrients systatikon.Trofodotei the body with whey protein isolate , which has the highest bioavailability , rapid absorption rate and direct supply of amino acids. The USN Recover Xcell is a quality refreshing drink after training and is available in two delicious flavors.


Key advantages of the USN Recover Xcell:


Replenish electrolytes , amino acids and glycogen .

Reduces levels of lactic acid .

Helps to reduce muscle pain and cramps.

Increases the degree of muscle recovery between workouts .

Supplies the body with amino acids to prevent muscle breakdown for energy during intense exercise .

21g Whey Protein Isolate & Carb Marix / dose.

When and by whom / what to use ?


Sportsmen / sportswomen strength , team sports and any athlete or athlete is in need of fast muscle recovery after intense physical activity.

Mix 3 scoops (95g) to 400-500ml of water and shake kala.Pieite the beverage preparations until 30 minutes after the workout.


You can drink and another drink 1-2 hours after the race especially if the next 24 hours you will have another fight.